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Spiced - Cheongyang Gochu (14g x 8ea)

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A fiery and spicy ready-made all-purpose dashi broth, made with premium kelp, anchovies and Korean chilli peppers. Infused with a sharp and peppery umami flavour, this anchovy-based dashi brings an additional depth and flavour to your dishes and is ideal as a soup base for hotpots or on its own! Read more...

✔️ Daily Nourishment
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Recommended Uses: 
Soups of all kinds | Steamboat Broth | Korean Stews | Kalguksu | Congee/Juk | Miso Soup | Udon/Ramen/Kanto-style Soba Broth | Dashi for Chawanmushi | Stir-fry Vegetables 

Easy to Use:
1. Add 600ml Water (2.5 cups) to 1 Dashi Pack
2. Boil for 5-10 mins & remove pack 
3. Add your preferred ingredients 
4. Add 1/8 Tsp Sea Salt (to taste)
Tip: For deeper flavour, you may wish to keep the Dashi pack simmered for 5-10 mins with your soup ingredients. Discard before serving.

Storage Instructions:
Dashi packs are to be stored at an ideal temp. of 2-7 °C. Once opened, Dashi packs can be stored in the chiller for up to 3 months.