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Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder

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Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals in Glass Stainless Steel Grinder 

A hand mined pink salt containing over 84 trace minerals, the Himalayan Pink Salt gets its iconic rosy hue from minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium. Pure and unrefined without any additional additives, the Himalayan Pink Salt is the ideal partner for our range of home cook essentials! Read more...

Net Weight: 200g

Origin: Pakistan

Nutritional Benefits: Contains over 84 trace minerals including magnesium, potassium and calcium; pure and unrefined - no additives are added during the manufacturing of this product.

Purposes: Daily Nourishment | Healthy Cooking | Gift Ideas

Best used with #SouperDashi packs and Souper Garu powder!

How to Use: Grind salt over food to taste

Storage Instructions: Store salt grinder in a cool, dry place to prevent moisturization.