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Haemul Mix Powder (Stock Clearance)

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A robust and flavourful ready-made all-purpose food powder, made with premium kelp, anchovies and shrimp, and packed with numerous health benefits like antioxidants, calcium and minerals! Infused with a delicious umami flavour and enhanced with the taste of seafood! Read more...

Nett Weight: 100g

Batch Expiry: 1 June 2022

Purposes: Daily Nourishment | Healthy Cooking | Gift Ideas

Best used with #SouperDashi packs!

Recommended Uses: Unlock the potential of your stir-fry dishes | Enhance your tenderly simmered porridges | Elevate your Asian-style stews | Marinate entire cuts of meat - the possibilities of Souper Garu are endless!

Storage Instructions: Keep powder containers in a cool dry place once opened.