Salad Delivery Singapore – Souperstar

Salad Delivery Singapore

Hearty salads for the soul!

Here at SOUPERSTAR, we use only the freshest ingredients to ensure that you’ve got the hearty goodness to get you through your weeks - good or bad! Simply browse through our salad delivery menu and order food you will love in just a few clicks. Delicious salads delivered to your hungry belly in as fast as 2 hours!


Heartiness isn't a taste, it's not a flavour, its a feeling! It's something you get from pure satisfaction - when your deepest cravings have been satiated. Take a bite, and feel the heartiness for yourself! 😍 Fresh, hearty, and refreshing - there’s nothing better to kickstart your week than a Souperstar salad. We know you're in for the a hearty salad delivery.


Japanese Seafood Salad

 A hearty mix of wakame seaweed, marinated tuna, fresh prawns, kani sticks, cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers, and red onions over a zesty lemon dressing, served over a vegetable salad mix.


Classic Roast Chicken Salad

A nourishing salad of roasted chicken, sauteed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumber, red onions, crispy tortilla pieces, over a salad mix bed, served with a delectable creamy sesame dressing.


Caesar Chicken Salad

The classic caesar chicken salad - roasted chicken, parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, red onions, cheese croutons, over a bed of romaine lettuce, with a generous drizzle of caesar salad dressing.


Vegetarian Chargrilled Salad

A fresh and healthy mix of chargrilled vegetables, sauteed mushrooms, chickpeas, black olives, cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers, cheese croutons over a salad mix bed, served with a balsamic honey and pesto drizzle.


Aburi Salmon Salad

Fresh Pacific Salmon, marinated with miso glaze & lightly torched for that perfect texture! Served with a medley of vegetables and sesame dressing - oishi!

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