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Duo Dashi Bundle

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This Duo Dashi Bundle has everything you'll need to take home cooking to the next level with:

- 2x Souper Dashi packs

- 1x Dashi+ All-in-1 Umami Stock Coin  

*To be used in the 1:1 golden ratio!

Purposes/Occasions: The Duo Dashi Bundle is a wholesome and flavourful addition to any household - guaranteed to raise your game in the kitchen! This bundle was designed for all levels of home cooks, from beginners to seasoned, to easily whip up meals that are no longer basic, but an experience in itself that’s made tasteful yet healthy. Additionally, its an ideal gift for new homeowners looking to kickstart their home cook experience, or as a birthday present for established home chefs! 

Recommended Uses: Soups of all kinds | Steamboat Broth | Korean Stews | Kalguksu | Congee/Juk | Miso Soup | Udon/Ramen/Kanto-style Soba Broth | Dashi for Chawanmushi | Stir-fry Vegetables | Asian-style stews | Marinating meats