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Salmon Dashi Chazuke


A harmonious dish of light dashi with a hint of plum poured over three-grain rice, topped off with shredded nori, spring onion and salmon - the Salmon Dashi Chazuke is a simple, comforting bowl of classic goodness. A well-balanced bowl of complementary flavours, a taste of our Salmon Dashi Chazuke is sure to bring a smile to your lips!

In the combo:
- Salmon Chazuke
- Dashi Broth
- Hot Genmaicha
- Mini Salad

History of Chazuke

The Chazuke is a storied dish of Japanese history - consumed by the Japanese people for well over a thousand years! From the Heian to Edo periods, stories were told of hot water and tea poured over cooked rice for a bowl of nourishing comfort. Today, Chazuke is regarded as a comfort food - a dish that lifts the mood of any Japanese person!  Modernised for the current day with Dashi or green tea, with vegetables and salmon, the Chazuke is considered the ideal quick meal - with health benefits such as soothing upset stomachs. A harmonious bowl of simple goodness, the chazuke is a modern Japanese favourite - brought from the shores of Japan into your bellies.