Popiah Delivery Singapore | 5 Delicious Popiah rolls at Souperstar

Popiah Delivery Singapore

5 Delicious Popiah rolls at Souperstar

Apart from having the humble traditional popiah - at Souperstar, Popiah is re-imagined. We do so by injecting popular flavours from around the world to the nostalgic taste of popiah, thus changing how popiah is being savoured. Simply browse through our popiah delivery menu and order food you will love in just a few clicks. Delicious Popiah delivered to your hungry belly in as fast as 2 hours!


Traditional Popiah

The classic Singaporean-style popiah - soft popiah skin, sweet sauce, sambal chili, eggs, cilantro, slow-cooked turnips and carrots, with shredded cucumbers, and topped off with peanuts and crispy bits.
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Sesame Chicken Popiah

A modern twist on the Singaporean classic with mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, roasted chicken, red onions, shredded cucumbers, crispy bits, and topped off with a creamy white sesame sauce.


Sweet Thai Chicken Popiah

A Thai-style salad wrap, with roasted chicken, fresh mango, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, mixed lettuce, red onions, shredded cucumber, crispy bits and finished off with a sweet Thai mayonnaise.


Seafood Wasabi Mayo Popiah

Fresh prawns, tuna chunks, rolled together with crispy bits, cucumber slices, wakame seaweed, cherry tomatoes, mixed lettuce and red onion, topped off with wasabi mayonnaise.


Masala Chicken Popiah

Chef Special! Chicken masala, Paneer cheese, Crispy curry leaves, Crispy bits, Red onion, Mixed lettuce, Shredded cucumbers.

Heartiness isn't a taste, it's not a flavour, its a feeling! It's something you get from pure satisfaction - when your deepest cravings have been satiated. Take a bite, and feel the heartiness for yourself! 😍 Fresh, hearty, and refreshing - there’s nothing better to kickstart your week than a Souperstar Popiah. We know you're in for the a hearty popiah delivery.

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