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Egg Drop Cucumber Soup in 10 Minutes

"Quick and healthy soup with only 3 ingredients! Simple, light and nourishing – ideal for hot periods of weather!"  -엄마


Nourishing soup that's so easy and simple to make

What you'll need?

Dashi Pack. 2 Packets (of your choice!)
Water. 1.2L 
Salt/Soy Sauce.
 ± ½ Teaspoon
White Pepper Powder. Sprinkle (to taste) 


• Cucumber. 1 whole – Peel & Sliced (remove seeds)
Dashi Master Tip: Slice cucumber thinly so that it gets cooked and soften quicker.
Egg. 2 whole – Beaten
• Spring Onions/Scallions. 1 – 2 stalk – Chopped for Garnishing
Seafood/Meat. of your choice  

Step 1: Cooking Dashi Pack with cucumber

 Add Sliced Cucumbers in a pot
• Use 2 Dashi Pack (ft. Daily – Pollack & Bold – Haemul)
 Add 1200ml water (1 serving=600ml)
Boil on medium-high for 10 minutes!

"Since it is a clear umami-rich broth with a subtle aroma, dashi is really versatile and you can literally use it often for healthier cooking."

Step 2: Remove Dashi Packs

Remove Dashi Packs
Add Salt/Soy Sauce. ± ½ Teaspoon
Add White Pepper Powder. Sprinkle (to taste) 
Dashi Master Tip: The bulk of Dashi Flavour is fully emitted after boiling for 10 mins. If you’d like to soften the cucumbers further (especially for kids consumption) or if you'd prefer a deeper flavour, you may boil it for another 5-10 mins.  

Step 3: Stir in eggs slowly….

• Pour in the well-beaten Eggs 
Dashi Master Tip: Stir in the eggs slowly in a circular motion (think draw “Big Circles” within the pot) so that the egg slowly coagulates and will be cooked perfectly in larger chunks. If you were to simply pour in the egg and stir, the eggs will be dispersed instantly and hence forming a cloudy soup with minimal egg chunks. 

"Stirring to perfection!"

Step 3: Serve, Garnish & Enjoy!

• Garnish with chopped spring onions /scallions.
• Enjoy the Flavourful Soup Broth! 



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