About Souperstar | Like a hug you can taste!

"Familiarity and nostalgia are what makes our food more than just sustenance. Restorative soups, heart-warming stews and heritage rich popiahs can soothe even the toughest of days – a comforting pleasure that would be impossible to heighten. We relentlessly brave a fresh take on familiar comfort food where these flavours exuberate comfort and inspires the mind and soul.

Souperstar is like a hug you can taste! 

Here, it's comfort first, comfort last, comfort always.

"Our pioneers at Fortune Food has been serving Singaporeans their favourite local delights for over a decade. Fortune Food, a brand with more than 10 years of popular following, operates 10 hawker stalls serving well-loved Singapore delicacies such as popiahs, kueh pie ti, laksa and muah chee. We strive to uphold our pioneers’ ethos for fresh, quality and affordable food even as we take a spin on our expertise to bring you hearty meals. But beyond delicious and hearty food, we envision ourselves as a nexus of everything good. 

We use only the freshest ingredients to ensure that you’ve got the hearty goodness to get you through your weeks - good or bad! 😉

Popiah when paired with our soups make a hearty meal!

Flavours? Freshness? Heartiness, whenever you want!

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