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25-mins One-Pot Teriyaki Chicken Rice

25-mins One-Pot Teriyaki Chicken Rice

25-mins One-Pot Teriyaki Chicken Rice

We know the struggles of how some days can get so hectic that going out of the house to dabao food feels like a chore, ordering food delivery is too expensive or you're just sick of the food around your estate. Here, we have a simple recipe that you can cook with just a rice cooker; just one kitchen appliance for minimal clean up and a quick meal!

5-mins prep & 5 ingredients only, then throw it all into the rice cooker. That’s it! Continue to get busy after you press ‘start’ and a pot of piping hot, flavourful rice awaits you! Simply replace water with Dashi for more umami flavour.

Sear meat on both sides for browning (you don’t have to cook it fully as it'll continue to cook in the rice cooker). This recipe also allows you to clear leftover ingredients in the fridge, it is extremely versatile! Best part is, minimal clean-up is required, perfect for lazy or busy days. Yay to a clean kitchen!

1. 1 Cup of Glutinous Rice (or any rice of choice)
2. Bok Choy (you can add extra or replace the vegetables too!)
3. Shiitake Mushroom
4. Boneless Chicken Thigh with Teriyaki Sauce
5. Dashi (600ml of water to golden ratio of 1:1 Dashi Pack & Stock Coin)

For this recipe, we used:
1x Katsuobushi Dashi Pack
1x Dashi+ Stock Coin

Servings: 2 pax
1. Marinade chicken thigh meat with Teriyaki Sauce

2. Pan sear chicken thigh till both sides turn slightly golden brown

3. Prepare Dashi Stock with 600ml of water, 1x Katsuobushi Dashi Pack & 1x Dashi+ Stock Coin

4. Cut Shiitake Mushrooms & Bok Choy to desired size


5. Put washed rice (1 cup), dashi & all other ingredients into rice cooker

6. Press ‘start’ and your meal will be ready in about 20-30 mins depending on your rice cooker!

You’ll probably have some balance Dashi stock if you’re cooking for 2, use it for a bonus bowl of Mini Miso Soup to pair with the rice!

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